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Gallery of Folk Art Originals, now residing in private collections... Click on each frame to see more!

Here, the folk art Gallery offers a peek at my originals. The first three frames spotlight a glimpse at my more recent work, while the Archives dig back into the past.

Hopefully, you will notice my artistic progression! ENJOY!

I work in papier mache and design and hand sculpt each piece. My work ranges from one of a kind candy containers, egg and kettle cup containers,

shelf sitters, busts, vases, ornaments and other decorative art pieces to warm your home with whimsy. My specialty is Halloween folk art, but I enjoy creating art pieces for other

holidays too, including Christmas, Winter, Spring, Valentine's and beyond. I offer my folk art originals at a handful of events and occasionally on eBay under the seller ID of jpwhimsy. I also host a few scheduled web sales througout the year, so it's best to be on my mailing list to be notified of those dates. And, if you are lucky, you may catch an original from my Collector's Catch series where I spontaneously post a one of kind on my Folk Art Originals page. Thank you for your interest! ~ Johanna Parker