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My name is Johanna Parker. And, I am happy to pique your interest in knowing Johanna Parker Design on Facebook Johanna Parker Design on Twitter Johanna Parker Design on Pinterest Johanna Parker Design on Instagram more about the artist behind the
imaginative, folk art characters and whimsical illustrations that dot this website.
So, thank you for your visit. Now, let’s satisfy your curiosity!

“Niche” is indeed a suitable word to describe the work I do. Eyes grow wide when
I introduce myself as a folk artist specializing in papier mache Halloween
sculptures with vintage appeal. Who does that? Well, not so many can actually call
it their career, but fortunately, I can! I often explain that I was born on Halloween,
and that tends to justify my unusual calling. Although happy-spirited Halloween is
my favorite subject matter, I enjoy many holidays and playful themes which are
included in my repertoire. I have been licensing my holiday products and creating
collectible one of a kind folk art for approximately 10 years now. During this stretch,
I have had the pleasure of witnessing my creations grace pages in over 30 national
magazines! I am grateful for the continued exposure and favorable response to my
work. Recently, my husband JP d’Andrimont and I formed a partnership as the two
of us make a compatible team! (And well, I need & appreciate his technical skill-set
& perspective)

Before I launched Johanna Parker Design, I was the art director at Denver’s leading
NBC news affiliate. My initial career in electronic TV graphics would see me grow
from young Art Institute of Colorado (portfolio par excellence) graduate to an Emmy
Award winner in a span of 6 years. But, I left behind that position to pursue my heart's
desires. And with perseverance, I began drawing, painting and sculpting with the intent
that a new career would blossom from my designs . . . And it did! I owe much of my
success and gratitude to my artful mother who has and continues to inspire and
encourage my creative endeavors! (Thank you Mom!)

As I look to the future, I continue to seek new licensing opportunities with an
emphasis on my signature illustrative work. My whimsical drawings are destined to
live on a multitude of products from party-ware, cards and fabric to other useful wares.
So, I look forward to the day when we truly expand that
chapter of Johanna Parker Design....

Story, to be continued...........